The iPhone price debate

Honestly, I don’t get it!  I was reading this guys blog today and he’s talking about the price point and what it means to profit margin.  All the while, I’m thinking, “what a bunch of rich white guys!”  Debating the relative merits of a $599 device vs the scooter they won’t be able to buy.



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Something new, something old

Got engaged last weekend.  That’s pretty cool.  Wonder if any married people read this?  Having a baby seems like alot of trouble … in fact, baby making should be taken over by the government.  Not that I have a theory about that.  Ya know, conspiracy style, but parents seem unqualified to make such decisions.

Nancy Pelosi should.

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A sample of things to come

You would ever thought that How does this work would turn out to be such a big deal How does this work

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Never seen anything like it

I'd say this one was fairly self explanatory!

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Spurs dominate

Do the criminal elements in the NBA really believe they've a chance against a class organization like San Antonio?  Ron Artest, a man who'd be in jail were it not for his NBA affiliation, declared Sacramento the series winner before game 1.  Clearly he has his finger on the pulse of high performance!

And speaking of Artest, while making an obvious argument, when was the last time you beat someone up on camera and didn't go to jail?  Were he a cop, the ACLU wouldn't stop until he was hung from the yardarm.  (Of course, finding a yardarm in 2006 may prove challenging).

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Open source vs. proprietary management tools

The real sweet spot for open source management tools is the mid-market companies that want to manage things in a reliable way with a tool that’s reasonable to set up, configure, and maintain, without a hefty price tag. With the advancement of open source management solutions, quality is becoming just as important a differentiator as value.

These are words that I added

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Vince Young and the insanity of draft prediction

Reading CBS Sportsline last night I encounter an article summarizing their views on the upcoming NFL draft.  One writer, who I'll refer to as "the smart one", has Vince Young going third as the 2nd QB taken.  Another writer, here known as "the idiot", predicts a 17th slot selection for VY.

 Question becomes: did the Smart One and the Idiot go through the same hiring process?  Does CBS interview these guys our just pick 'em up drunk at sports bars?

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